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The roots of success. A success story: Georg Duncker, who came from a  ship-owning and merchant family, founded the company in 1870. The company subsequently developed quickly into a leading regional marine insurance brokerage. Later, when Carl Duncker took over the reins, he joined forces with shareholders Erwin Ross and Alfred Reimers. These three partners guided a flourishing and successful business into the 1950s at which time Manfred Ross and Dr Albert Ross took over from Mr Reimers. When Carl Duncker died, the company passed into the hands of the present owners, the Ross family.
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Georg Duncker today. The company is currently under the directorship of the brothers Christian and Matthias Ross. Their combined expertise represents a comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of the marine insurance industry. We are proud of the company’s long history and the tradition of personal service to our customers. Having emerged into the 21st century as a dynamic and experienced organisation, our position as leaders in the field is underpinned by an expanding marine insurance sector and our expertise in reinsurance matters.
Georg Duncker – founded the company 1870 in Hamburg.
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